Tickets for DRT SHOW


One-day ticket
Regular NTD 200
Online Presale Ticket (18 - 25 March 2024) NTD 100
Online Ticket NTD 150
Package A:One-day ticket+Diver's Figure
Regular NTD 2000
Online Ticket                                                         NTD 1290
Package B:One-day ticket+DRT SHOW Phone Straps
Regular NTD 480
Online Ticket                                                NTD 330
Package C:One-day ticket+DRT SHOW Limited T-shirt
Regular NTD 700
Online Ticket                                                NTD 550
Package D:One-day ticket+Manual of Freediving
Regular NTD 1450
Online Ticket                                                         NTD 1000
Package E:One-day ticket+Manual of Underwater Photography
Regular NTD 1800
Online Ticket                                                         NTD 1280
Package F:One-day ticket+EZDIVE Magazine one year subscribe
Regular NTD 1200
Online Ticket                                                         NTD 1050
Package G:One-day ticket+ Show Directory(EZDIVE Magazine Edition 107)
Regular NTD 390
Online Ticket                                                NTD 250

The online presale tickets are available for reservation online and pay on-site. Please present your reservation certificate during the exhibition period and exchange it for an admission stamp upon on-site payment for entry.

Membership Benefits

DRT SHOW Members

  1. Discount on DRT SHOW tickets purchased on official ticketing platform.
  2. Discount on on-site EZDIVE Magazine subscription.
  3. Free participation in official Lucky Draw.

EZDIVE Members

  1. EZDIVE magazine subscribers can register on the official ticketing platform and get free/discounted tickets.


Opening Hours Visitors
Friday, (TBC) April 2025 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Saturday, (TBC) April 2025 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM
Sunday,  (TBC) April 2025 10:00 AM – 18:00 PM


*Exhibitor may enter the show one hour earlier.


Taipei Flora EXPO Dome

The Taipei Expo Foundation was founded to manage Taipei Expo Park and its pavilions, to stimulate local commercial activities, to improve leisure lifestyle, to promote the development of Taiwan's MICE industry and create more opportunities in hosting large-scale international meetings, exhibitions, and competitions, and to encourage international exchanges.

Travel Information

Getting to Taipei Flora EXPO Dome

MRT/Metro - Tamsui Line

  • Yuanshan Station (Exit No.1)


  • MRT Yuanshan Station (Yumen St.): 21, 28, 42, 208, 247, 542, 677, Red 2, Red 33, Red 34 (holidays only), Red 50.

  • Zhongshan Soccer Stadium Stop (stops on Minzu E. Rd.): 208, 246, 542, 218, Red 33, Red 34 (holidays only).