Seizing Business Opportunities, Initiating a New Era in the Diving Industry: Thank You for Your Support, DRT SHOW Taiwan Successfully Concluded!


We are honored to announce that our 50th DRT SHOW, DRT SHOW Taiwan, was successfully held at Taipei Flora EXPO Dome on April 21st. The success of this exhibition would not have been possible without the strong support and participation of our exhibitors, official tourism boards, NGOs, professional diving speakers, coaches, and all passionate and brave diving enthusiasts. Your enthusiastic participation has once again made DRT SHOW a benchmark event and propelled the diving industry towards a new milestone.

DRT SHOW Taiwan | Peak Experience of Trading Miracles and Cultural Resonance

This year's DRT SHOW Taiwan once again broke records, attracting 34,898 visitors and not only facilitating numerous successful transactions but also further expanding its influence in the Asian diving market. Our proud B2B2C trading platform not only achieved astonishing transaction completion rates and accuracy but also served as an important bridge in the diving industry. DRT SHOW carries a unique mission, providing exhibitors with a stage to connect with genuine demand, and serving as the most comfortable and convenient one-stop shopping center for visitors. Here, communication is not just about transactions but also about resonating with diving culture.

DRT SHOW The No.1 Brand Diving Expo in Asia | Creating a New Industry Landscape

" The No.1 Brand Diving Expo in Asia " is not just a slogan for DRT SHOW, but also our commitment to the diving industry. In addition to showcasing the latest diving equipment and technologies, we are committed to creating a comprehensive diving experience and leading the industry to new heights. At this year's exhibition, we not only aimed to present products but also dedicated ourselves to creating a platform for learning and exchange.

Professional Diving Seminars

This year's professional diving seminars covered topics such as Underwater Photography, Diving Destination, Marine Conservation, Underwater Model, and Disabled Diving, inviting experts from various fields in the industry to share their rich experience and knowledge at the exhibition site, broadening visitors' horizons.

Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery

The Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery aims to create an enlightening stage for everyone passionate about underwater photography. We believe that every underwater photograph is the beginning of a story, a testament to the photographer's love and exploration of the deep sea. Through showcasing the works of multiple outstanding underwater photographers, we are committed to inspiring more people to immerse themselves in this mysterious and beautiful field. At Ocean Stars, you will discover the breathtaking underwater world, whether you are a photography enthusiast seeking inspiration or a beginner wanting to learn more about underwater photography techniques, we welcome your participation. Let's explore the mysteries of the ocean together, capture those unique moments with our cameras, and forever preserve them in our hearts and lenses.

This year's two most popular award winners are photographer Rogers' "Dawn After the Storm" and Akers' "Tranquility." The works of the two winners are distinctive and commendable. Congratulations to them for their awards, and thanks to all the enthusiastic contributors for their participation, it is your contributions that make the Ocean Stars Underwater Photography Gallery blossom with the most beautiful scenery.

Diver’s Marathon Collection Redemption

The Diver’s Marathon Stamp Collection Redemption attracted many enthusiastic participants this year. Through this activity, participants not only had the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts but also to gain in-depth understanding of DRT SHOW's excellent exhibitors. The activity featured seven categories covering diverse information, allowing participants to absorb various knowledge. In addition, a 360 Photo Booth was provided to capture the exciting moments of participants at the event.

Lucky Draw

The Lucky Draw at DRT SHOW Taiwan ended successfully this year, with a lively atmosphere, enthusiastic sponsorship from exhibitors, and active participation from visitors. The draw not only brought surprises but also promoted communication and cooperation between exhibitors and visitors, creating the unique charm of the exhibition. Each participant left behind unforgettable memories, looking forward to meeting again next year and witnessing more exciting moments together!

AED First Aid Course

Special thanks to the "Taiwan Sports Safety and First Aid Skills Training Association" for bringing professional experience courses on essential diving skills—first aid knowledge to onsite visitors. This course is rich and interesting, not only cultivating basic first aid knowledge but also providing completion certificates, allowing you to feel more at ease during diving activities.

Kids Zone

The Kids Zone at this DRT SHOW has specially selected pages from the upcoming "Kathy & the Blackfish Gang" as drawing paper. Authored by A.G. Saño, this coloring book is filled with thrilling oceanic adventures, with each page meticulously hand-drawn by the author. Recommended for all ocean lovers, let's together create these awe-inspiring scenes!

Scuba Museum

The Scuba Museum displayed many diving antiques, unraveling the industry's historical context and future trends from the perspective of past generations, allowing visitors to rethink the significance of diving to humanity and gain insights from history, as well as finding potential from the current situation.

Thank you to everyone who participated. It is your support and participation that have made DRT SHOW Dive Expo a truly meaningful diving event. Let us join hands to create diving miracles and contribute to the prosperity and development of this industry.


Culture X Creativity X Ocean | Asia's Largest Ocean Culture Fair and Hand-craft Workshop

Ocean Culture Fair

The "DRT SHOW Ocean Culture Fair" brings together over 30 well-known Taiwanese art and creative brands, perfectly showcasing the diversity, uniqueness, and deep integration of Taiwan's cultural and creative industry with ocean culture. Through profound observations of the ocean, each creator transforms their inner feelings into unique and beautiful ocean legends. These wonderful works are not only emotional connections between creators and visitors but also a resonance of infinite feelings towards the ocean.

Hand-craft Workshops

Handicrafts are in vogue these days, and this year, DRT SHOW invited four groups of creatively charged workshop courses, combining craftsmanship, the ocean, and environmental conservation topics, allowing visitors to create with their own hands and contribute to the continuous improvement of the diving industry!

Finally, once again, thank you to all attendees. Your participation has once again made our diving show an incredibly brilliant one. We look forward to seeing you again!

Spectacular Debut! DRT SHOW Shenzhen Unveils with Force from June 21-23

The grandeur of DRT SHOW Taiwan has come to an end, and the next stop will be the DRT SHOW Shenzhen from June 21st to June 23rd! Exhibition spots are limited, and opportunities are fleeting, so we urgently remind all aspiring exhibitors! You can communicate and collaborate with many industry leaders and potential partners at this grand event! Don't let this opportunity slip away from your fingertips. Seize the opportunity, act now, and contact our DRT SHOW sales team.


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