How can I get a better booth discount in DRT SHOW?

DRT SHOW offers an early bird rate discount to our exhibitors. Our early bird period extends from the show days until a month after the show concludes. For instance, if our show days are from 22nd March to 24th March 2024, the early bird period will be from 22nd March 2024 to 21st April 2024. I recommend making your booking during our early bird period to take advantage of our discount.

  If I book a booth during the early bird period, how much do I need to pay upfront?
If you book a booth during the early bird period, typically you'll only need to pay a deposit of 30% to 50% of the total booth price. If there are 6 months remaining until the exhibition dates, we will collect the full payment from you.
  May I know if your booth fees are fixed prices? Do the prices fluctuate (increase)?
Our booth prices are not fixed rates. Once the early bird discount period ends, our prices will be adjusted to the regular rates. We then reassess pricing every three months based on sales. Therefore, booking earlier typically allows for more advantageous pricing, while booking later may result in higher prices.
  How big is the scale of the DRT SHOW's?

The DRT SHOW holds 7-8 professional international diving exhibitions every year, with an average exhibition area of 43,300 square meters, making DRT SHOW the largest organizer of professional diving exhibitions in the world in terms of exhibition scale.

To understand our DRT SHOW Scale: https://youtu.be/u3wVTbpPjUs?si=nieZuI7Zw6yaVVE2 

  What is the smallest size of a booth in DRT SHOW?
The smallest size booth in DRT SHOW is 9sqm (3x3sqm).
  I would like to participate DRT SHOW. Could you please let me know the exhibitor list on your floor plan?
Sorry, due to confidentiality agreements with certain exhibitors, we won't be providing our exhibitor list. Our exhibitor lists will be released on our official website and official social media channels one month before the exhibition.
  How to distinguish a of fake diving expos in Asia?

Fake or counterfeit diving expos usually have the following characteristics:

  • Fake and counterfeit diving expos usually do not take place in exhibition centers; instead, they usually take place in remote or outdated venues, such as shopping center, marketplace, or outdoor areas.
  • The organizers of fake and counterfeit diving expo usually acquire unused spaces within other people's exhibitions to hold their own 'Fake Expo'.
  • Fake and counterfeit diving expos usually  do not use 'Diving Expo' in their title; instead, they adopt names like 'Ocean Carnival,' 'Ocean Week,' 'Ocean Festival,' 'Competition,' 'Performance,' or 'Conference' as the exhibition's title. Those are only small scale ocean events, however, externally, they present themselves falsely as diving exhibitions.
  • The organizer of fake and counterfeit diving exhibitions usually cannot provide valid "Exhibition Venue Contracts".
  • The organizer of fake and counterfeit diving exhibitions usually cannot provide "Tax Invoices".
  • At fake and counterfeit diving exhibitions, the door signage or arch usually does not display the words 'Diving Expo'.
  • The fake and counterfeit diving expos always change their floorplan.
  May I ask if I can still receive a booth discount for last minute booking?
No, we don't provide any discount on last minute booking!