Connecting the Supply Chain, Strengthening the Asian Diving Industry - Official Press Release for DRT SHOW 2024 Malaysia Dive Expo


The Top Event in the Asian Dive Industry

The pinnacle event in the Asian diving arena, the 48th International Diving & Resort Travel Expo - Malaysia (DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024), is set to take place grandly from February 2nd to 4th, 2024, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC Convention Centre). This event brings together diving enthusiasts, industry professionals, and travel and marine ecology enthusiasts to create a highly commercial and engaging feast.


The No.1 Brand Diving Expo In Asia

DRT SHOW, Asia-Pacific's largest and most professional B2B/B2C diving and resort travel expo, has deeply rooted itself in the Asian diving market for over a decade. With a presence in major Asian cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Okinawa, Taipei, Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, and more, DRT SHOW has successfully organized 47 international diving expos, serving over 2,500 booths annually. It attracts more than 450,000 professional buyers and visitors from 65 countries and regions worldwide.

Founder of the International Diving & Resort Travel Expo, Jason Chong, stated, "As global tourism undergoes a robust recovery, the diving travel market will continue to thrive. In the coming years, the Asian diving sector will become a significant focus, and DRT, with collective strength, aims to expand the Asian diving market, connecting stakeholders along the industry value chain to accelerate the influence of the Asian diving industry on the international stage. Through promoting diving and ecological sustainability, we hope to instill environmental awareness deeply into people's hearts."


Commercial Thinking Ignites Trends

Since its establishment in 2009, DRT SHOW Malaysia has consistently been the largest and most professional B2B/B2C diving expo in the Asia-Pacific region. With over a decade of expertise in the Asian diving market, this year, we aim to further expand diving business opportunities with a more powerful lineup and a broader range of exhibitors. The exhibitor lineup shines with diving equipment distributors, dive shops, liveaboard accommodations, resorts, dive training agencies, conservation organizations, and more. This is not just an expo but a platform for industry exchange, a collaborative effort to create diving business opportunities.


Strengthening the Dive Industry Supply Chain - DRT SHOW 2024 Returns to Malaysia


Commercial Potential in Malaysia's Dive Market

Malaysia, with its abundant marine resources and coveted dive sites, stands out as one of the emerging nations in the Asian dive market. As global tourism recovers, Malaysia's diving market is poised to become a focal point in the future. DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024 is committed to raising awareness of Malaysian diving, leading the way in exploring business opportunities in the diving market.


Business Opportunities in Malaysia's Dive Market

Innovation by Dive Equipment Distributors: With continuous technological advancements, dive equipment distributors will showcase the latest diving technologies and designs, leading market trends. This not only provides divers with safer and more comfortable equipment but also stimulates new dynamics in the diving market.

Service Enhancement by Liveaboard Accommodations: Liveaboard accommodations will emphasize their unique diving experiences and marine ecotourism at the expo. Through reasonable pricing, thoughtful services, and superior locations, they aim to lead the diving market towards higher-quality travel experiences.

Educational Drive by Dive Training Systems: Dive training systems will emphasize the importance of education, providing more choices and flexible courses to attract novice divers to this fascinating field. By promoting diving education, they aim to cultivate more potential diving enthusiasts in Malaysia's diving market.

Sustainable Development by Conservation Organizations: Conservation organizations will use the expo to promote their work in marine conservation and sustainable development in Malaysian waters. Through collaboration with businesses and enthusiasts, they seek to make Malaysia an eco-friendly destination for diving activities, further enhancing the appeal of the diving market.

DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024 will take the lead in business thinking and market promotion, bringing new opportunities and development prospects to Malaysia's diving market. During the expo, we anticipate collaboration across various sectors of the diving industry to lead the prosperous development of the diving market.


Overview of Special Events at the DRT SHOW

DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024 has carefully planned a series of captivating special events, including the Ocean Stars Photo Gallery, diving-themed professional lectures, innovative marine conservation activities, new product showcase area, family-friendly children's marine zone, marine cultural market, and a grand lucky draw. These activities will provide participants with a comprehensive diving experience while deepening their understanding of marine conservation and environmental issues. Through these vibrant events, DRT SHOW will be an unmissable gathering for diving enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.


Ocean Stars UW Photo Gallery

Ocean Stars UW Photo Gallery | Deadline: January 5, 2024

Showcasing outstanding works by underwater photography enthusiasts, DRT SHOW will award prizes for the best submissions, encouraging more people to engage in marine activities and raise awareness of marine ecology and conservation issues. Now is the perfect time to showcase your photographic talent! If you are a passionate photographer with a unique perspective on the underwater world, we sincerely invite you to dive into this mysterious blue realm.
Submit your works by January 5, 2024!
Exciting prizes await those who can capture the essence of the underwater beauty!
Submission Guidelines:

At least 16 million pixels (3:2 ratio; 300dpi; both vertical and horizontal accepted).
No watermarks (photos with watermarks will be disqualified).
No category restrictions.
Deadline: January 5, 2024
Submission Link:
Share your vision of the underwater world, explore the beauty of the ocean together, and become a shining star in this exhibition!


Diving-Themed Professional Seminars

Bringing together forward-thinking technology, innovative applications, trend analysis, and insights into future opportunities, these exciting lectures will feature heavyweight figures from the diving travel industry. They aim to open up multi-dimensional perspectives and imagination for attendees, sharing the most comprehensive knowledge about diving.

Innovative Marine Conservation Challenge - Be an Ocean Saver

Themed "Be an Ocean Saver," this activity, in collaboration with local marine conservation organizations, involves fun and practical challenges to deepen participants' understanding of marine ecology. Simultaneously, participants will acquire knowledge about marine environmental protection, enhancing their awareness of marine conservation.


New Product Showcase

This area will showcase representative trends in the diving industry, attracting nearly 20 product exhibitors. Attendees will vote on their favorite three products, providing a professional platform for participating companies to match with distributors, expand channel opportunities, and enhance their competitive advantages.


Family-Friendly Children's Marine Zone

Creating a family-friendly activity zone, children will learn about the ocean through games, sparking their interest in the natural world and fostering environmental awareness for the ocean.


Ocean Culture Fair

Themed around the ocean, this market brings together unique cultural and creative vendors, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the beauty of handmade creations. Additionally, the market features many creative handmade items that give new life to marine waste, aligning with the expo's environmental conservation principles.


Grand Lucky Draw

At the end of the expo, a grand lucky draw will be held, bringing surprises and gifts to participants, and concluding the entire diving event on a perfect note.


48th International Diving Resort Travel Expo - Malaysia (DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024)


Event Name:
Diving Resort Travel Expo - Malaysia (DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024)

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre - Hall 5 (KLCC Convention Centre)

Dates and Times:
February 2, 2024 (Friday) | 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM
February 3, 2024 (Saturday) | 10:00 AM – 07:00 PM
February 4, 2024 (Sunday) | 10:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Official Website: 
DRT SHOW - Malaysia

Facebook Fan Page: DRT SHOW HQ

Facebook Event Page: DRT SHOW Malaysia 2024

Organizer: LX Development Group Ltd
Official Media Partner: EZDIVE, Media Partner: Dive Indonesia, TTRW


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