The 50th DRT SHOW Taiwan Exhibition Unveils Exciting On-Site Activities! Don't Miss Out on the Fabulous Lineup!


Welcome to this year's DRT SHOW Taiwan 2024! From April 19th to 21st, we'll be showcasing a strong lineup of brands at Taipei Flora EXPO Dome, featuring the finest diving equipment and itineraries. Whether you're a novice or an experienced diver, you'll find everything you need here. Our aim is for visitors to discover their favorites and leave with the gear and trips they desire most, ready for the most enjoyable diving experiences! We look forward to exploring the wonders of the underwater world together!

Before the upcoming DRT SHOW 2024 Taiwan Dive Exhibition, a series of unparalleled activities have already stirred up a storm among ocean enthusiasts! From stamp collection redemption to grand lucky draws, and from professional diving seminars to AED emergency class, each activity is designed to be captivating, surely building anticipation for the upcoming exhibition!

Diver’s Marathon 

Are you ready to take on the challenge? The Ocean Marathon stamp collection redemption event will kick off a tidal wave of excitement before the exhibition! Participants only need to successfully collect stamps from 7 categories to redeem exquisite gifts at the DRT SHOW Sales Office, with a chance to capture their exclusive moments in a 360-degree photo booth! Don't forget to follow our IG account @drtshowtaiwan for more exciting updates!

Surprise Prize Bonanza – Lucky Draw 

Divers' favorite super prizes await you! On April 20th and 21st at 5:30 PM, DRT SHOW will host the most anticipated event - the "Lucky Draw"! This is your rare chance to walk away with fantastic prizes, definitely not to be missed!

Professional Diving Seminars 

DRT SHOW cordially invites you to attend professional diving seminars! It's the perfect platform for diving enthusiasts to exchange the latest and most eye-catching diving information. At the exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to interact closely with industry elites and explore the wonders of the diving world together! Don't miss this opportunity to join hands with diving experts from around the world!

AED First Aid Course 

First aid knowledge is essential for diving, and now is the best time to learn! DRT SHOW specially invites the "Taiwan Sports Safety and First Aid Skills Training Association" to bring you the AED First Aid Course . Come join the AED First Aid Course  held at the Taipei Expo Park from April 19th to 21st! Learn first aid skills to protect yourself and your closest dive buddies!

Scuba Museum 

DRT SHOW Taiwan 2024 will take you into the marvelous world of diving, exploring the beauty and mystery beneath the water. Whether you're a scuba diving enthusiast or a freediving elite, you'll find joy and surprises here. Don't miss this rare opportunity to experience the charm of diving artifacts together!

Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery

Explore the boundless underwater world with Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery, showcasing 80 exceptional underwater photographs. Through these unique perspectives, we invite you to embark on a visual journey, crossing the surface to delve into the mysteries and beauty of the ocean. Each piece is a testament to the photographer's distinct and delicate capture of the underwater realm, transporting 

The Largest Ocean Culture Fair in Taiwan

The DRT SHOW Taiwan 2024 has always been characterized by our Ocean Culture Fair, with over 30 booths covering various marine creativities, satisfying visitors' boundless imagination about the ocean. Here, you can discover a variety of unique marine artworks, handicrafts, and creative products, each imbued with love and respect for the ocean. Exhibitors have brought distinctive goods, making it feel like being in a market full of ocean charm.

Ocean Creativity Explosion – Handicraft Workshops 

The Ocean Handicraft Workshop invites you to join the wave of creativity! Here, you'll have the chance to handcraft unique ocean-themed items, not only exclusive to yourself but also practical and environmentally conscious. Join the Ocean Handicraft Workshop and let's infuse more love and creativity into the ocean!

“Ocean Dream Exploration: The Bioluminescent World Under the Dreamcatcher”

In this creative handicraft workshop, learn to weave beautiful dreamcatchers with white yarn, blocking nightmares and bringing back beautiful dreams.

“Gifts from the Ocean: The Eco-Friendly Journey of Hinoki Tableware”

Improve the quality of life, participate in eco-friendly workshops, create natural lifestyle items, unleash your creativity, and create unique natural products.

“Green Portability: Eco-Friendly Drink Rope, Travel with the Earth!”

Starting from the ocean, make an umbrella rope eco-friendly drink rope, advocate for multiple uses, reduce plastic bag usage, and bring ocean conservation awareness into life.

“Green Handicrafts: Weave a Multi-Purpose Bag, Together Creating a Sustainable Future!”

Learn the concept of hand weaving, make your own drink handbag to reduce plastic bag waste, and explore other container weaving methods at the same time.

Actions speak louder than words, sign up now and take home your own green items!

DRT SHOW Taiwan 2024 will be held grandly at the Taipei Flora EXPO Dome from April 19th to 21st. More exciting activities await you to discover! Stay tuned, and see you at the exhibition!