Friday 16 April 2021

Time Speaker Category Topic
Kyle Wu  (Xibao Sports Insurance)
Diving Insurance Choose The Right Buddy, Choose The Right Insurance
04:10-04:40pm Garry Meng (DIWA Swim Line) Swim Training DIWA SWIM LINE -- A Life-long Warranty for Swim Safety and Fun
04:10-04:40pm Cao Pengfei (Shanghai Panny) Recreational Diving  Diving Gestures You Probably Don't Know in Recreational Diving Demystified


Saturday 17 April 2021

Time Speaker Category Topic
Susan Sun (ZL Diving Center)
Freediving How to Link up Scuba Diving, Freediving, and Mermaid for Your Promotion and Teaching
12:10-12:40pm Nick Song (DIWA) Underwater Photography  Diving in China
12:50-01:20pm  Geoffrey Yue (GAIA) Dive Destination Let's go around the world with Diving and Other Exciting Activities
01:30-02:00pm   Max Wang (Black Stream π Diving International) Diving Equipment  Selection and Style of Diving Equipment
02:10-02:40pm   Andy Yan (SDI TDI ERDI) Technical Diving  Multiple CCR Applications for Underwater Cave Exploration
02:50-03:20pm   DaJun Li (BESTDIVE) Diving Equipment Made in China, Made by BESTDIVE
03:30-04:00pm   Yan Lou (PADI) Diving Industry PADI Business Update and COVID Responses
04:10-04:40pm   Zhang Qunyi (Joydiving) Underwater Photography  Small Creatures with Vivid Expressions: How Did I Get Addicted to Underwater Macro Photography
04:50-05:20pm   Yang Li (UTD) Technical Diving  DPV Introduction and Underwater Gymkhana Competition
05:30-06:00pm  Sean Jin (SUUNTO) Diving Equipment The New BLACK -- Outside and Inside


Sunday 18 April 2021

Time Speaker Category Topic
Han Ting (PSAI)
Technical Diving Deep and Fascinating -- Techniques and Experience Sharing from 234m Cave Diving Record Holder 
12:10-12:40pm Leon Zhao (EZDIVE Bilingual Diving Magazine) nderwater Photography Keep Walking, Underwater Portrait Photo
12:50-01:20pm  Thomas Kan (PADI) Diving Industry Brand New PADI Mermaid Course -- Rigorous, Fun and Its Commercial Value
01:30-02:00pm   Michael Wang (SDI TDI ERDI) Technical Diving RDI Training System Overview
02:10- Li Haitao (FRTI) Technical Diving Deep Dive
02:50-03:20pm   Megan Huang (SUUNTO) Diving Equipment  Underwater Model -- Our Symbiotic Relationship with The Ocean
03:30-04:00pm   Snow Li (Youcan Robotics) Diving Equipment  The Glare of Black Technology -- How Can You Livestream with An Underwater Drone?
04:10-04:40pm   Marcia Chen (DIWA) Mermaid Be a Diver
04:50-05:20pm   Tim Xin (SAVEOCEAN) Diving Equipment  SAVEOCEAN, Back to The Blue
05:30-06:00pm  Lucky Draw