The 2024 DRT SHOW Beijing International Diving Exhibition will grandly open from August 2nd to 4th!



Reuniting After Four Years, Reigniting Diving Passion

Beijing's diving enthusiasts, the DRT SHOW Beijing 2024 will be held at Hall 5 of the Beijing National Convention Center (CNCC) from August 2nd to 4th. It has been four years since we last met—long time no see! For this reunion, DRT SHOW has meticulously prepared. Over the past four years, we have successfully organized nearly 30 international diving exhibitions, leaving footprints across major cities and regions in Asia, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and more. Together with diving enthusiasts from all over Asia, we have witnessed the growing strength of the diving industry. Let us use our passion for diving to transcend language barriers and reveal our true selves under the sea. Just like the underwater Olympic Flame passing relay at this year's Olympics, let us become sparks that ignite the bright future of the diving industry.

Trendsetting Asia's Premier International Diving Expo

DRT SHOW adheres to internationalization, diversification, youthfulness, and professionalism, committed to meeting industry demands. The exhibition will be crafted into a rich B2B2C exchange platform. Exhibitor categories include equipment manufacturers, resort, liveaboard, professional diving training institutions, and official tourism agencies. We are honored to invite the Philippine Department of Tourism to DRT SHOW Beijing. Over a dozen Philippine diving resorts and airlines will fly over 3,000 miles to China, bringing exciting band performances, interactive games, and lucrative prize draws. Let us warmly welcome their arrival.

DRT SHOW Beijing 2024| Spectacular Events, Endless Rewards

As always, the organizers of DRT SHOW have meticulously planned a wealth of on-site activities, hoping that visitors will leave with great satisfaction. Activities include Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery, Lucky draw, Diver’s Marathon Stamp Collection with prizes, Professional Diving Seminars, and Scuba Museum, providing a platform for interaction and exchange among diving enthusiasts, showcasing the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies in the diving industry. We look forward to witnessing this grand event together and sharing exciting moments!

Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery

Dive into the depths of the ocean and indulge in a visual feast! The Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery will showcase stunning works from top underwater photographers worldwide, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of the sea. This year’s Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery in Beijing has prepared two People’s Choice Awards for underwater photography enthusiasts, both online and offline. Submit your entries by July 8th for a chance to win amazing prizes! The Online People’s Choice Awards is a Weefine WFL08S+6 Macro Multiplier Lens valued at RMB 1,850, and the Offline People’s Choice Awards is a SUPE V3K.V3 Dive Light valued at RMB 2,700. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to showcase your work and share your photography talent with the world!

Lucky Draw

The grand lucky draw will offer generous prizes, including the latest diving equipment, vacation packages, and other surprises. Just participate in the exhibition for a chance to win these exciting gifts—don't miss out!


Diver’s Marathon Stamp Collection

Participate in the Diver’s Marathon Stamp Collection activity and collect stamps from all exhibition areas for a chance to redeem exquisite gifts. This is not only a fun activity but also a great opportunity to fully explore all exhibition zones.

Professional Diving Seminars

The DRT SHOW Beijing 2024 will feature over 25 “Professional Diving Seminars" covering a wide range of topics including underwater photography, diving tourism, freediving, technical diving, diving equipment, diving medicine, and diving insurance. This provides the public with a unique opportunity to engage closely with experts from various fields and expand their diving horizons.

Scuba Museum

Scuba Museum will showcase the history of diving, the evolution of equipment, and precious collections, allowing you to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of diving culture. Here, you can travel through time to witness the development of early diving gear and admire rare diving artifacts and records. The museum provides an ideal venue for diving enthusiasts to explore both the past and the future, inspiring a love for the ocean and a boundless passion for diving.

Let us look forward together, as the DRT SHOW Beijing 2024 promises an unparalleled diving experience and unforgettable moments of exchange. Whether you are a passionate diving enthusiast or a newcomer to the sport, the rich content of the exhibition is sure to leave a deep impression. Join us in exploring and sharing the limitless charm of the diving world!


Show Information

2024 International Diving and Resort Travel Expo

DRT SHOW Beijing 2024

Date|August 2nd to 4th, 2024

Opening Hours|10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Venue|B1 Hall E5, National Convention Center (CNCC)