DRT SHOW Shenzhen 2024 Concludes Perfectly, Thanks to All Attendees


On the rapidly developing land of Shenzhen, the first DRT SHOW was successfully held. We sincerely thank all exhibitors and visitors for their enthusiastic participation, writing the first chapter in the history of the DRT SHOW Shenzhen 2024 together. It is your support that made this exhibition so smooth and wonderful. Thank you all for accompanying DRT SHOW on its journey of growth.

This exhibition attracted a total of 15,702 overall attendance, with a satisfaction rate of 91%. We captured countless happy smiles throughout the event. Thank you for your strong support for our first Shenzhen exhibition. Your presence brought a perfect conclusion to the DRT SHOW Shenzhen 2024. We will continue to strive to bring better experiences and more exciting activities to all ocean lovers.

This DRT SHOW in Shenzhen brought together numerous well-known brands and professional training systems from both domestic and international sources, showcasing a wealth of liveaboard and resort resources. These included:

Reanson, Orcatorch, Tecline, Leaderfins, Divecica, 10 Bar, Lawrence Factor, Supe Scubalamp, Dive&Sail, Canon, LetonPower, Archon, Nauticam, Water-Pro, Whitetipshark, DAN China, SDI TDI ERDI PFI, DIWA, Infinity X Liveaboard, Tenggol Coral Beach Resort, Maratua Blue, and Scandi Divers, among others.

Several brands such as LetonPower, Akuana, Alchemy, Orcatorch, Tecline, Canon, and Archon unveiled new products during DRT SHOW. These new products not only demonstrate technological innovation but also serve as the best proof of the industry's enhanced strength. We thank every industry professional who works diligently in the field of diving, leading the sport to new heights.

The official organization, “Guangdong Underwater Association”, actively supports the development of the diving industry, focusing on nurturing diving talent and promoting the advancement of diving sports. The association collaborated with the organizers of DRT SHOW to hold their annual meeting during the DRT SHOW Shenzhen 2024, jointly fostering the growth of the diving industry.

We invited nearly 20 speakers, including Li Haitao, Lin Qing, Vania Kam, Wu Lixin, Yang Guang, Wang Qi, Wen Ming, and Yang Lu, to deliver 24 exciting lectures. These lectures covered diverse topics such as technical diving, diving medicine, mermaid diving, and underwater photography. Each lecture was not only rich and interesting but also filled with valuable knowledge points, bringing a profound learning experience to the participants.

This edition of the Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery exhibited 48 excellent underwater photography works. The colorful underwater world, captured through the lenses of underwater photographers, presented the most authentic and interesting aspects of nature. Various astonishing underwater creatures came to life in the photos, seemingly engaging with the viewers.

These wonderful moments, skillfully captured by excellent photographers, brought a visual feast to the audience. The Best Popularity Award went to the photographer Da Fan Shu for his work "The Color of the Night." Congratulations to this photographer, and we encourage all who are interested in underwater photography to participate actively.

The Ocean Stars UWPhoto Gallery Beijing is also calling for submissions. Everyone is welcome to submit:


The Scuba Museum showcased the development history of diving in China from ancient times to the present. From the establishment of the first underwater operations team in 1954, the launch of the self-developed "Jiaolong" manned submersible in 2002, the invention of various underwater robots and unmanned submersibles in 2022, to DRT SHOW Shenzhen 2024 the 51st DRT SHOW, every step is the result of the continuous efforts of divers from different eras. It is through such relentless efforts that the sport of diving has continued to move forward. Let us write our own fantastic chapter in this long history.

The DRT SHOW Ocean Culture Fair gathered many high-quality original design brands. Their presence injected a strong sense of inspiration into this diving exhibition. These exquisite artworks vividly showcased the rich emotions between humans and the ocean, adding a unique artistic atmosphere to the exhibition.

The lucky draw and the Diver’s Marathon Stamp Collection Redemption activities handed out generous gifts, bringing endless joy and surprises to visitors and exhibitors. Every participant was immersed in the fun of the activities and returned home with a full heart. These activities not only increased the interaction of the exhibition but also left everyone with beautiful memories.

The success of the exhibition would not have been possible without the support and effort of every participant. We look forward to continuing to join hands with everyone in future exhibitions to explore the infinite possibilities of the diving world together. Let us meet at the next DRT SHOW to witness the brilliant development of the diving industry once again. Thank you all, and see you next year!

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