Exploring the Glory of Shenzhen's Diving Industry: DRT SHOW 2024 Grand Opening


The NO.1 Diving Expo in Asia


The No.1 brand diving expo in Asia, DRT SHOW, is set to take place at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from June 21st to 23rd, 2024, presenting the Shenzhen International Diving, Resort, and Travel Show (DRT SHOW Shenzhen). We cordially invite all pioneers in the diving industry to participate in this exhilarating diving event; it will be a feast for your business endeavors, a golden moment to seize opportunities!

The NO. 1 Brand Diving Expo in Asia—DRT SHOW


DRT SHOW, established in 2009, derives its name from Diving, Resort, and Travel. Since its inaugural successful event in Hong Kong in 2010, DRT SHOW has been committed to promoting the development of the Asian diving industry and encouraging more people to love and pay attention to marine ecology. With the continuous expansion of the exhibition scale, DRT SHOW has become one of the most international diving exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Under the influence of DRT SHOW, the Asian diving industry has flourished. The exhibition has toured in cities such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Okinawa, Taipei, Singapore, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, and Mumbai. The Shenzhen exhibition alone has successfully held more than 50 international professional diving exhibitions. DRT SHOW has become one of the largest international diving exhibitions in the Asia-Pacific region, providing an important platform for industry development.

DRT SHOW is committed to creating a top-notch event in the diving world. We are proud of our B2B and B2C trading platforms, which bring together top global brands and industry leaders. The exhibition is not only local but also international, opening the door to the global market. We offer a variety of activities, including new product launches, to provide ample exposure opportunities for your brand. Join us and witness the prosperity and development of the diving industry together!

Pearl River Delta Economic Zone: Rising Star of the Diving Industry


The Best Leader in the Outbound Travel Market

Shenzhen, located in Guangdong Province, is the front-runner in China's outbound travel market, boasting the highest outbound travel rate and highlighting its crucial role as a travel hub. With its outstanding performance in the outbound travel market, Shenzhen stands as the prime representative for outbound tourism, endowed with superior geographical location and convenient transportation networks, offering easy travel conditions for diving enthusiasts. Furthermore, as a modern international city, Shenzhen possesses a rich and diverse cultural atmosphere and entertainment activities, providing exhibitors and visitors with a comprehensive exhibition and leisure experience. Therefore, choosing Shenzhen as the venue for this diving exhibition will bring a fresh exhibition experience to exhibitors and spectators, promoting the development and exchange of the diving industry.

Superior Geographic Environment

Shenzhen, as one of China's economic centers, enjoys a unique geographical location on the coast of the South China Sea, making it a vital hub for the maritime economy. The government actively supports the development of the maritime industry. We collaborate with the “Guangdong Underwater Association” to cultivate diving talents and promote diving sports and industries.

Abundant Industry Resources

Shenzhen's geographical location provides unique advantages for the development of the diving industry. Its rich marine resources and complete industrial chain ensure sufficient support for the research, development, production, and sales of diving equipment. Additionally, Shenzhen possesses outstanding advantages in technological innovation, providing strong support for the technological upgrading and innovation of diving equipment. According to statistics, in 2023, the throughput of Shenzhen Port ranked fourth in the world, ensuring the quality of goods exports. The presence of a commercial port has built a complete industrial chain for the diving industry.

Innovative Activity Initiates Industry Diversity

DRT SHOW is committed to creating a new exhibition experience for exhibitors and visitors with the concepts of popularization, youthfulness, and internationalization, enhancing the value of participation. We have designed various on-site activities to provide unique diving exhibition experiences for participants. From professional Diving Seminars, Ocean Stars Underwater Photo Galleries, Diver’s Marathon Stamp Collection, Lucky Draw, Scuba Museum, to Ocean Culture Fair, we hope to stimulate participants' interest, promote exchanges and cooperation, and make the exhibition a vibrant and attractive platform.

Diver’s Marathon

The " Diver’s Marathon " enhances interaction between exhibitors and visitors through a stamp collection system, fostering a deeper understanding of scuba diving and expanding awareness of diving-related products and services through engagement with various exhibitors. This innovative exhibition model increases visitor participation and duration, further facilitating interaction and communication between exhibitors and visitors, thereby enhancing the attractiveness and effectiveness of the exhibition. This innovative exhibition model will help promote the sport of diving, expand its audience, and stimulate the development of the diving industry.

Professional Diving Seminars

"Professional Diving Seminars" provide an excellent platform for diving enthusiasts to exchange cutting-edge diving information. We are committed to building a communication bridge for divers to share experiences, learn new techniques, and interact with industry elites. We invite experts and enthusiasts from the industry to share the latest diving techniques, safety knowledge, and experiences of diving locations, providing each participant with an exciting feast of knowledge. Join us in exploring the mysteries of the underwater world and sharing the joy of diving with like-minded individuals!

Scuba Museum

By exploring the mysterious veil of the past maritime history from past perspectives, we delve into diving artifacts, reinterpreting the historical process of the underwater world. Each artifact tells a forgotten story. Through these objects, we can reclaim lost memories and reconstruct the context of history. In this profound ocean world, we are not only discoverers but also reshapers, injecting past glory back into the industry!

Ocean Stars Underwater Photo Gallery

Encouraging all diving enthusiasts interested in underwater photography to bravely venture into this mystical realm, we explore the mysteries and beauty of the underwater world through the lens of photographers. Each dive is an adventure, and each photo captures stunning scenes of underwater life, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and more. Through underwater photography, we can perceive the vitality and magnificence of the ocean from different perspectives, and deeply understand the importance of protecting marine ecology. Whether amateur enthusiasts or professional photographers, everyone can showcase creativity and technical skills through underwater photography, presenting the beauty of the ocean to the world. Let's explore the underwater world together and record this wonderful journey through photography!

Ocean Culture Fair

Gathering artisans from all walks of life, they inject their unique skills into the magical narratives of the underwater world. These skilled artists transform the mysteries of the deep sea into breathtaking works with their unique perspectives and techniques. With delicate thoughts, they capture the endless beauty and mystery of the ocean, depicting vivid and moving underwater scenes with their materials and tools. These artisans translate the fantastic stories of the underwater world into magnificent artworks, allowing viewers to experience the wonders and beauty of nature and guiding them to explore the endless mysteries of the ocean.

Finally, we remind you all that exhibition slots are limited, and opportunities are fleeting. We urgently remind all aspiring exhibitors! In this grand event, you can exchange cooperation with many industry leaders and potential partners! Don't let this opportunity slip through your fingers. Seize the opportunity, take action immediately, and contact our DRT SHOW booth sales team!

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Show Information

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Diving Resort Travel Expo 

(DRT SHOW) Shenzhen 2024


Friday to Sunday, June 21st-23rd, 2024


10:00am – 6:00pm


Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center 


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