DRT SHOW Shanghai Dive Expo 2024 Draws to a Perfect Close: Breaking Industry Boundaries, Ushering in a New Era of Diving!



DRT SHOW Shanghai 2024 International Diving Resort Travel Expo Sets New Records

DRT SHOW Shanghai International Diving and Resort Travel Expo (referred to as "DRT SHOW Shanghai 2024") was held grandly at Hall 4 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from March 22nd to 24th, 2024, marking a new milestone in the diving industry. This year's exhibition saw a significant increase in scale, attracting diving enthusiasts and professionals from around the world, highlighting the innovation and diversity within the diving sector. The event brought together numerous diving enthusiasts from around the world, high-quality exhibitors from across the globe, official tourism such as the Philippine Department of Tourism, Sabah Tourism Board, and Tourism Fiji, as well as professional diving training organizations including DIWA, PADI China, PSAI, and SDI TDI ERDI PFI. This international diving extravaganza not only left participants with unforgettable memories but also charted the course for the future development of the diving industry.


A Journey into the Depths: The 49th Edition of DRT SHOW

This is the 49th edition of the DRT SHOW, and we sincerely thank all of you for joining us on this journey through the depths. For over a decade, we have held fast to our passion for diving, together crafting Asia's premier diving brand ─ DRT SHOW. From comprehensive increases in exhibition scale to annual growth in exhibitor numbers, and now with nearly 50,000 attendees this year, we are not only leaders in the diving exhibition industry but also pioneers in business models. We continuously strive for excellence in the diving industry, dedicating ourselves to providing the most thoughtful, innovative, diverse, and international diving experience for every friend participating in our exhibition!


Cooperation Agreement Signed in Guangdong Diving Industry

This year at the exhibition venue, the GUA (Guangdong Underwater Association) and DIWA (Diving Instructor World Association) completed a cooperation signing ceremony. This collaboration will contribute to the advancement and promotion of diving sports in Guangdong Province, further expanding the diving market, providing higher quality services and training, and strengthening exchanges and cooperation between China and the international diving community. As one of the most economically developed provinces, Guangdong has vast development potential. This collaboration will jointly tap into this potential, promote the healthy development of the industry, and bring about a more vigorous development for the diving industry in Guangdong Province!


DRT SHOW Dive Expo: Popularizing Dive Knowledge, Advancing Dive Sport

DRT SHOW is dedicated to leading the diving sport into the mainstream. In today's trend of a younger diving population, we persist in popularizing diving-related knowledge, aiming to become the authoritative platform for diving promotion in the industry. We meticulously plan and organize numerous professional diving seminars, gathering industry elites to provide a inclusive learning and networking platform for all diving enthusiasts.


Diving into the Underwater Realm: The Asia-Pacific Underwater Photography Challenge Leading a New Wave of Underwater Photography and Environmental Conservation

The organizers of the DRT SHOW partnered with EZDIVE to host the UWPC (Underwater Photography Challenge). This competition attracted outstanding photographers from the Asia-Pacific region, who showcased stunning works amidst intense competition judged on-site. Each piece represents the passion and creativity of the photographers towards the underwater world, offering audiences an unparalleled visual experience. The competition not only serves as a showcase of photographic skills but also fosters gatherings and exchanges among photography enthusiasts, highlighting the charm and magic of underwater photography. For more details about the competition, please visit the official website: https://www.uwphotochallenge.com


The Enchantment of the Sea: Ocean Stars Underwater Photography Gallery Dazzles in Grand Debut!

This year's Ocean Stars Underwater Photo Gallery has showcased 60 stunning photographic masterpieces! These works not only demonstrate exceptional professional photography skills but also deeply capture the mysterious charm of the ocean. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants and supporters, and eagerly anticipate future collaborations in exploring more of the ocean's mysteries, collectively composing a more beautiful chapter for nature! Additionally, this year, we have two outstanding recipients of the People's Choice Awards, who have respectively won the X-ADVENTURER M1500-WRA Intelligent Auxiliary Dive Light and the Weefine WFL13 Close-up +18 Underwater Macro Lens. Congratulations to both winners!


Fostering Collaboration, Expanding Opportunities: Seafarer Marathon Stamp Collection Event Achieves Remarkable Success!

Thank you all for enthusiastically participating in this year's Diver's Marathon! We are delighted to see the event running smoothly, with every visitor actively engaged, ensuring that not a single giveaway went unclaimed each day! This year, we expanded the exhibition area and increased the number of exhibitors, allowing more friends to complete their stamp collections. Witnessing those who achieved their stamp collection goals fills us with admiration! We hope that through this process, everyone not only had a lot of fun but also discovered their favorite exhibitors and left with exquisite gifts in hand. We look forward to reuniting with everyone at the DRT SHOW Dive Expo in the future, to create more wonderful memories together!


Looking Forward: DRT SHOW 360 Panoramic Photo Booth

This year, we have further enhanced the allure of the DRT SHOW by introducing the brand-new 360-degree photo booth. This innovative facility will allow every visitor to effortlessly capture their own wonderful moments at the exhibition. DRT SHOW has always been committed to being the best stage for individuals to showcase themselves, and stepping into the 360-degree photo booth at DRT SHOW will make you the protagonist in your own story! We look forward to meeting the unique you at this one-of-a-kind exhibition.


DRT SHOW Thanks Exhibitors for Their Support, Achieving New Heights in the Exhibition

The organizers of DRT SHOW express that this year's Lucky Draw segment once again promises to be exciting and diverse. We sincerely thank all the exhibitors for their generous support, making this edition of the exhibition an incredibly rich and unforgettable event.


International Expertise, Infinite Potential - DRT SHOW Leading the Industry Summit!

Finally, we want to emphasize that in just over a decade, DRT SHOW has surpassed the traditional boundaries of dive exhibitions and become the organizer with the highest number of events globally. We sincerely thank all the exhibitors and visitors who have participated together, because with everyone's support, we have collectively achieved the largest and highest market share dive exhibition in Asia. DRT SHOW is the most professional, diverse, and international dive exhibition organizer in Asia. We firmly believe that only with dedication, determination, and professionalism can we continue to present the most exciting and stunning underwater world for you!