Please click "Register" on top of the home page to enter the registration page, input your personal information. A confirmation letter will be emailed to you to verify your email address, avoiding message delivery failure in the future. After receiving the confirmation letter, please click the Authentication Link to activate your account to become our member of DRT Show official website.
Credit card or Paypal are acceptable payment methods for the DRT Show. Alipay will be also acceptable for DRT Shows in Chinese region (including DRT Show Shanghai and DRT Show Beijing).
Step 1
You must first become a registered member of DRT Show official website. Please log in before making a ticket purchase.

Step 2
Click on the "Online Purchase" page. Introduction of the exhibition activities, admission fares, exhibition time and date and further information will be provided.

Step 3
You can click on "Buy Now" to purchase your tickets. If the page shows "Unavailable Now", means the tickets of the exhibition are not available for online purchase yet.

Step 4
After selecting the type and quantity of tickets, please click "Next", and the tickets will be added to your "Shopping Cart". If you wish to delete the selected tickets, please click "Delete". If you wish to check out, please click “Checkout” on the bottom of the page. If you wish to buy more tickets, please go back to the previous page to continue your purchase.

Step 5
After checking out, please choose your preferable payment method. After the order is placed, please complete the follow-up payment processes.

Step 6
If your purchase is completed, you will see your ticket as QR code in 'Member Centre-Ticket Records'. During the exhibition period when entry the hall, we will scan your QR code as entrance ticket at the front entrance.